Welcome to the Creative Garden Patch

Welcome to the “Creative Garden Patch”.  We left our home of 32 years in Northern Canada to return to the family homestead in New Brunswick.  We are the fourth generation to occupy and work the land.

This blog will document our efforts, our successes, and our “mess-ups” as we dig our way into our gardens.

Raised Row Lower Garden
Raised Row Lower Garden
Raised Bed Garden
Raised Bed Garden

Follow us as we learn, create and develop our gardens on the shore of Washadamoak Lake.  We will share our experiences on raised bed gardening, raised row gardening, straw bale gardening, garden structures, composting, anything and almost everything to do with vegetable and flower gardening.

You can expect information on garden planning, seeds, garden pests and helpers, and delicious recipes for put ups and other eats.

Please join us by clicking the “Follow” button in the sidebar.

Tom and Di


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